The growth of any church is determined by the mindset of the people. If we have an attitude of pride, apathy, laziness, negativity or critical attitude, we will never be all that God wants us to be. I believe that’s why God’s favor has been on Rock Bridge Ringgold for the last 6 years, we don’t have this kind of attitude!  Anytime the ask is put out you all respond with amazing understanding and willingness to do “whatever it takes” to connect people to life in Christ!
As I shared in church… In Luke 5 we read of some men who brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus.. These guys are an incredible example of the right attitude leading to the right action, resulting in a great move of God!
(Encourage you to read Luke 5:17-25)
I believe that in the example of these men, we see a picture of how we as a campus should be. When it comes to connecting people to life in Christ! It’s by taking on a “whatever it takes attitude.”
So,  If we are to have a “Whatever it Takes” attitude, then …
1.       Agree that we as a campus will do whatever it takes to connect people to Christ.
With this man, it took four unified brothers to get him to Jesus. I pray that we as a campus would be so unified that we come together for the purpose of connecting Ringgold to Jesus!
2.       We believe that there is no hope for humanity but Jesus.
We have to share the Gospel – Live Sent everywhere we go!
– Only Jesus has the power to save sinners
– Only Jesus can forgive sinners
– Only Jesus can heal and set people free!
– We don’t make excuses for others or for ourselves. Instead, we do something. (Our Word for the year)
3.   We don’t give up when it is difficult or uncomfortable.
Instead, we go to extreme measures to make an eternal impact on someone’s life.
– Persistent. We keep evaluating ways to make room to connect new folks.
– Creative Means. Think “outside the box”
– Continue to come up with new methods
Bringing the man through the roof was no ordinary means, yet…They did it!
4. We don’t expect someone else to act. We see the need and take action!
Pastors, Worship leaders, and buildings don’t grow churches, God grows churches and He uses US the church to do it! The attitude I am talking about is one where we are all committed to God and to each other. We are all participating, serving, giving, growing, and going.
Here’s why I say all that…
We have a phenomenal “problem” in Ringgold. WE ARE OUT OF ROOM! We can’t add any more chairs in the auditorium.  Because of this, we have made a partnership with a Rock Bridger who owns the yoga studio at the end of the Remco shops. Starting in April we are asking 75 people who attend the 10:30am service (Most full service and most attractive to guest) to commit to attending service in the yoga studio until we move into our new building in 6 to 8 months.
So the ask is for those attending the 10:30 am service to…
1. Move to the 9:00 am service. (75 to 100 available chairs)
2. Move to the 11:59 am service (50 to 75 available chairs)
3. Move to Rock Bridge Ringgold 2.0 “outside of the box”
Cameras are being put up in the auditorium and we’ve purchased a massive TV. So it will feel like you are right there in the auditorium! You won’t miss out on anything that goes on!
If you are willing to “join the movement” and make a move by attending the 9 am or 11:59 am service. Please reply back to me here.
If you are ready to make the move, text the word MOVE to 888.744.0761 
I love you Rock Bridge Ringgold. I love that we keep having to come up with creative ideas to make room. This is a result of you Loving God. Loving Others and Living Sent. Don’t quit! Keep inviting and being a bringer!
See ya this weekend!
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