1200px-Star_Wars_Logo.svg35 years old and I’ve never watched Star Wars until this weekend.

After so much confusing conversation with Star Wars enthusiast over what order to watch the movies in. My Boys and I just finished Star Wars IV, V, VI…
For whatever reason I didn’t watch these films growing up. I didn’t really watch many films to be honest. I played outside a lot and loved sports more than anything. I would rather throw a baseball up against the house, (breaking many window on our house) riding a go-cart frame down our hill and push it back up only to do all over again (Dad would never buy a engine for the thing) I’ve just never been a gamer or big movie buff.

So what are my thoughts….Do I now love Star Wars? The short answer is no.
Ultimately I will never love these films the way many of you do. Maybe If I had watched these when I was younger I would obsess like a lot of you do… But it is hard for me to see why people obsess over these characters so much.
I guess my thoughts on why yall love ‘Star Wars’ so much is mainly due to nostalgia… and me, as a jaded, 35 year old, will simply never get that!
Everyone who’s encouraged me to watch Star Wars over the years told me to not judge the the original trilogy too harshly since the visuals and dialogue have aged a bit. It was as if I was about to meet their very sweet, but very senile grandparent. ha ha
If anything, I’ve enjoyed spending the time sitting on the couch with my three boys watching these three films. And if they become Star Wars fans as a result of watching these at a young age then so be it! I will gladly watch 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 and beyond with them! (seriously how many more are there suppose to be)?
I guess I never ventured into a galaxy far, far away until now because Star Wars barely existed to me growing up.
I remember my dad watching star trek once or twice…. but it was strange. The only show I really remember us watching was Hee-Haw and Sport.
None of my friends liked Star Wars. We spent our time throwing baseball or burning stuff.
To be honest Star Wars even from a young age just seemed silly to me.
All that being said. Next year on my 36th birthday May 25th 2018 I guess I’ll take my boys to see the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Maybe by then I’ll have watched them all and something with change….Probably not but ya never know! ha ha
I guess I should say “May the force be with you”