Sunday, September 27th this chapter at Rock Bridge Community Church, Ringgold Campus will come to a close.

Kymberly, our kids and I are sad. But, we are also extremely excited and full of anticipation with what God is going to do! We are going to miss so many friends and family and just doing ministry in this town… But, we are fired up and can not wait to get to Statesboro to start working with Connection College / Connection Students at the Connection Church

This week we are going to be highlighting the music Connection Worship is putting out!!

This first song “Faithful Right Now” is the one that started it all for Kym and me…

Let me set the stage.
January 2020, it was the middle of the night around 3:30 am and I couldn’t sleep. I knew I heard God speak very clearly back in November telling me that I was supposed to step away from my role as campus pastor but things just weren’t lining up the way I thought they should be. Then, this song came on, talk about a swift kick to the pants… It was the reminder I needed to stop worrying and be reminded of all He has done! He hs NEVER failed us! He will always come through… I just needed to wait (psalm 27:14)

I have learned that If you are trying to maneuver or manipulate the Holy Spirit you are not trusting! Stay faithful to where He has put you and in HIS time He will come through. It almost took a year… But His timing is the best timing.

Here is Connection Worship “Faithful Right Now”

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