Attention Men. (Sorry ladies this one’s for the fellas)

Do you need/want to lose your dad bod?

Need accountability as well as some good competition to encourage you to lose the gut?

Then this group is for you! Join now for some healthy (see what I did there) competition!

The contest begins August 1st and ends January 1st 2020

*On August 1st the group will close and go private


August 1st. Post a picture of yourself and starting weight. As well as your measurements chest, waist, gut & neck
On January 1st, 2020. 
Post a final weight, measurements and picture.

Prizes for 
Most weight loss 
Most inches lost 
The biggest change in before and after picture.

We will use this group page to encourage, hold each other accountable and give workout/diet tips and best practices!

Let’s loses the dad bod fellas! #LetsGo

***You can do whatever you need to do to lose weight EXCEPT surgery***

Click the link to join the Facebook Group!