It seems these days we only tend to hear about people in ministry who are “Statistics in ministry” Meaning they are no longer serving in ministry due to an affair, addiction, personal issues or just burnt out, etc…

What I do on Mondays is highlight one of my friends who is/has served the ministry faithfully. And honor the individual/couple who are faithful to the calling. Someone you might never hear about but is doing great things for the kingdom!

Today, I would like to honor a good friend Zane & Jasa Officer

Zane is the Pastor at Libby Baptist Church in Montana. )

We met Zane and Jasa when we lived in Utah. I had the privilege of being on staff at Canyons Church with him. Zane took over the students ministry there for a while when I moved back home to GA to start Rock Bridge Ringgold before they moved to Africa to be missionaries.

These two were some of our closest friends during our time there in Utah. Zane and I spent many nights in the pressbox at Cottonwood High School PA announcing the football games. Hanging out talking about life and ministry. Just some really great friends. It looks like Kym and I won on the “who can have the most kids” game btw.

Zane and Jasa. I’m thankful for you both and the ministry God has blessed you with. Yall are a great example of faithfulness to the calling no matter what. I appreciate you and your hearts for the ministry. Keep up the great work of pointing people to Jesus there in Montana!

#MondayMinistryHonor #KingdomWork