It seems these days we only tend to hear about people in ministry who are “Statistics in ministry” Meaning they are no longer serving in ministry due to an affair, addiction, personal issues or just burnt out, etc…
What I do on Mondays is highlight one of my friends who is/has served the ministry faithfully. And honor the individual/couple who are faithful to the calling. Someone you might never hear about but is doing great things for the kingdom!
Today, I would like to honor a good friend Ronnie Brown

I met Ronnie years ago when he was my Sunday school teacher & video guy for my home church Temple Baptist.
It’s been an awesome journey watching Ronnie go from a College basketball player who didn’t know Jesus to a fired up a follower of Jesus who’s become a well-published author/podcaster and preacher of the word!
Ronnie has a passion for the Word of God and a desire to communicate the truth of scripture through the spoken and written word.
Ronnie, Thank you for being a faithful follower and preacher of the Gospel! In good or bad seasons of life, you know who you are in Christ and it’s encouraging to watch you go through those times without compromising who you are in Him! From the outside looking in at your life and ministry, it’s very evident God’s got his hand all over you and your ministry!
Honored to call you friend. Keep pointing people to Jesus brother!
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