It seems these days we only tend to hear about people in ministry who are “Statistics in ministry” Meaning they are no longer serving in ministry due to an affair, addiction, personal issues or just burnt out, etc…
What I do on Mondays is highlight one of my friends who is/has served the ministry faithfully. And honor the individual/couple who are faithful to the calling. Someone you might never hear about but is doing great things for the kingdom!
Today, I would like to honor a good friend Jonathan Watson

I met Jonathan and Michelle in college at TTU. I remember when these two started dating, got engaged and even their wedding! We had some great times at TTU as Jonathan and I served on the Student Government together. We’ve sat by each other in many classes and have had some great late night conversations. It was evident years ago that God was going to use J-Wat in some mighty ways!
Watching you lead, no matter if it was the Student Body in devotions at chapel, our worship thing we started in the dating parlor in the LRC…”Eleventh Hour Experience” To currently serving as the senior pastor Bible Baptist Church in Appomattox, Virginia. It’s been incredible to watch from the outside how God is using you!
Thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry and always proclaiming the truth! I’m thankful for the time we all got to spend together. I cherish those memories and enjoy keeping up with yall here on social media! Love ya both. Keep up the great work of pointing people to Jesus!
#MondayMinistryHonor #KingdomWork
Some Pictures from our Student Government Days!