I am eating better, losing weight, and getting my energy, and ultimately my life back!
What was my wake up call you might ask? When it hit me that my weight was causing me to miss out on fully living life with my family, that gave me that push to really change the way I’ve been living.
That is the motivation to get healthy I so desperately needed. I’ve never wanted to be “that dad” who stands (or sits) on the sidelines and yells directions at his kids. I want to SHOW them and participate in their life/activities WITH them… Not just be a spectator!
I went for my yearly physical that I had been putting off for some time… A few days later the blood work came back and my levels for my liver (can’t remember the name) were high. So, he sent me to get a ultra-sound of my liver as I was in the beginning stages of “fatty Liver”. As I’m laying on the table getting a ultrasound  I said out-loud.  “JC you are in your early 30’s you should not be laying here with a fatty liver. You’ve done this to yourself. Get up and do something about this” So. I’m doing something about it!
Week two has begun!

*This is what my motivations looks like*13051655_604877380514_8914467201118506372_n


My Addiction:

31-1176x445I have a confession to make. I have been addicted to sugar for years. Seriously it’s been my drug for a long time.
There are many articles documenting the effects of sugar. In some ways, it’s more addicting than cocaine. And I understand that from personal experience.
So, I’m avoiding, not cutting out completely, just avoiding sugar.
(Just to clarify, I still eating honey, fruit, even carrots and tomatoes, I am not avoiding all that just the bad sugar)sugar-addiction-perpetual-cycle
With the help of my incredible wife who is a phenomenal cook we are doing less processed and more homemade foods!
So in our efforts to try and avoid bad sugars, we are staying away from processed foods. Not just for me, but my whole family! You just can’t beat homemade food. And have I mentioned how good my wife can cook!?!?!
Here is my current “diet”
When I say “diet”, I don’t mean a weight loss plan. I simply mean what I’m eating now.
I don’t do well with dieting. Like most people, I may lose weight, but when I stop the diet, I gain the pounds back because I go back to my old eating habits. (ie sweets and treats.) Also, I am not using any of the weight loss product that are out on the market because honestly I don’t have $150 a month for the rest of my life to “maintain health.” I’m using God’s natural way of weight loss, CLEAN FOOD*
My goal is to get healthy and lose some weight.
Goal 1. Get under 300 pounds (9 more pounds to go until I hit this one)
Goal 2. Hit 250 Pounds
Goal 3. Lose 100 Pounds (weight in a 221)
Goal 4. Run a 5K without stopping to walk.
Honestly the biggest change I’m making is eating healthier.
I’m not counting calories or completely restricting full food groups. I’m eating more vegetables, fruits and lean meats.
I’m eating breakfast. I use to always skip breakfast. But, I’ve realized that’s the most important meal of the day!
The biggest change for my healthier eating plan is that I’m avoiding sweets and processed foods. It can be done. I went to fight night the other night at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had 6 Grilled chicken strips and a salad with 34 glasses of water.
Oh yeah.. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! water
Friends, you have no idea how huge this is for me. I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone a week without eating sweets and processed foods!
Yes, I know that to many of you, I sound incredibly pathetic. But if you’ve suffered from a sweet tooth for years like me, you understand how difficult this can be!
I’m not there yet, far from it.. I’m still overweight, exhausted, and struggling. But I see a light now. And it’s getting brighter each day.
My Bible app verse of today fits well with this journey:
“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23
Are you struggling too?
Please leave a comment or shoot me an email –
So I can encourage you and pray for you!
We can do this together!
What is your motivation? Let me know!
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