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The Best Is Yet To Come!
January 13th, 2013 Rock Bridge Ringgold had our first service here as a campus.
That night Rock Bridge Student Ministry kicked off. It’s been an incredible 6 years of growth with hundreds of students connecting to life in Christ!
We quickly hired a Student Pastor, however a short time after taking the job he stepped away due to some tragic personal events.  So to fill a gap I stepped into the role of Student Pastor for what was supposed to be a short transitional period.
Fast forward 5 years and I’m still here filling both the role of campus pastor and student pastor. After much prayer and conversations about the growth we are experiencing here at the Ringgold campus we feel now would be the right time to hire a student pastor! I’m excited that we are going to get someone totally dedicated to RBSMRinggold and will take this ministry to a whole nother level! The best really is yet to come!
God alone gets the glory for the tremendous growth in the last 5 years and the one constant is our incredible RBSM Adult leadership team. They are consistent and passionate about students and their relationship with Jesus. These folks give their time, talent and energy week in and week out to invest in the life of your student. On top of a great leadership team, we have a full worship, production, hospitality, and security team. RBSM is in good hands and I’m confident that the best days are yet to come!
I ask that you be in prayer now for our candidates and ultimately the person who will fill the role of Student Pastor and take RBSMRinggold to the next level!
I want to make sure to be real clear here. I am NOT leaving Rock Bridge Community Church! I am still the Campus Pastor and excited to step back into my role as CP only, with more intentionality, focus, and passion as we move into a new chapter here in the life of our campus.
Let’s continue to connect people from all walks of life to life in Christ!

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