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So you want to be a pastor, huh? Congratulations! According to 1 Timothy 3:1, you desire a “noble task.” But maybe you also know that this is something that won’t happen for a while. You need time to grow into the role. So what can you do today to prepare for tomorrow?

Tell someone who can help

The first step towards becoming a pastor someday is to let someone know today who is already a pastor. Scripture makes it clear (2 Tim. 2:2) that pastors are responsible for developing other pastors. And one of the best things I get to do as a pastor is helping other men move toward serving the church in the same way. Your request for help and guidance won’t be an imposition. It will be a blessing to the man who is responsible for developing you.

Start serving

One of the greatest myths among young men aspiring to be pastors is that there is a second conversion in which you transform instantaneously from being a guy to a pastor guy. The truth is that Jesus makes men into pastors over time. So there are ways in which you can avail yourself to his plan today. Pastor is an office as well as a function. So you can pastor others, within biblical parameters, without holding the office today. Teach a kid’s class. Lead a small group. Offer your volunteer services to assist your pastor so that he can better focus on the things only he must do.

Start studying

The best tool on the belt of pastoral ministry is the Bible. It’s what the rifle is to the infantryman. So master Scripture. Read it, study it, listen to it being preached, memorize it and meditate on it. Make it your goal to gospel the people you serve rather than sharing from your personal experiences or insights. Let the Bible speak through you to others and their lives will be impacted.

Start evangelizing

I believe this is the most unrealized aspect of pastoral ministry today. There are many, many pastors. But evangelistic pastors are few and far between. Maybe this is why the Apostle Paul exhorts young Timothy to “do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” While you aren’t yet qualified to preach, you are empowered by the Holy Spirit to share the gospel with those who don’t yet know Jesus. Go for it!

Keep repenting

Pastors don’t become pastors through their own blood, sweat, and tears. They become pastors through the blood, sweat, and tears of Jesus. And the best way to experience Jesus’ transforming work is through the repetitive act of repentance. Turn from your sin openly and definitively. Trust in him completely. And do this over and over again. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then be useful in his hands by serving his people.