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Introductions are tough and “breaking the ice” seems like a fitting analogy for this situation, since any ice we stand on would for sure break.

We are fat. Not phat, not big-boned, we don’t have a thyroid issue, and heck, we aren’t even a little chubby. Sugar-coating the word “fat” does the same thing as literally sugar-coating everything, it just worsens your health (mentally and physically).
In a time where fat-acceptance is a real topic, we don’t want to be accepted. Being accepted is one of the things keeping us and 35% of other men in the county fat, and frankly, we are over it. It is easy to accept “fat” when you aren’t noticing the lack of sleep, constant anxiety, chest pains, and frequent sickness that comes with it. Ignorance has become bliss and we are ready to shut that down.

So what exactly are we doing?

Well, for one, we aren’t’ going on a “weight-loss journey.”  Google the word “journey” and see how awful of a word that is when used in this situation. A journey is defined as “an act of traveling from one place to another.”  Doesn’t that sound exciting? Doesn’t the equivalent of a story a trip to the grocery store seem a little lifeless when describing a life transformation.
No wonder it’s hard for people to get pumped for this.
We also are not going to call this a blog, which literally means to write an update. We don’t want to update, we want to achieve goals. Each time you read what we put down, we will not be the same person from the previous week. With all of these crap words being used to describe what could be the single most important decision you make throughout your entire life, no wonder it’s hard for people to get excited for weight loss.
What we need is a word symbolizing accomplishment, fulfillment, VICTORY. This won’t be a journey, this will be…

(drum roll please)

a Saga, which is defined as “a long story of heroic achievement.” Though the word has been thrown into the ground, stomped on, and completely ruined by Stephanie Meyer, Saga is the perfect description. We now have to overcome the obstacle of being googled along the ranks of weird interspecies “love” stories, but come on, weight loss IS a HEROIC ACHIEVEMENT.

If you go through this with that mentality, how can you fail?

Well, since we are human, I assume it will be easy to fail. It’s one of the many things we are excel in. However, it is overcoming that obstacle and reaching new milestones weekly, daily, heck, even hourly, that molds our mind into the focused beast God designed for us. This saga will chronicle every achievement, failure, and everything in between for three men who are tired of being accepted.

Today is January 2, 2018, and welcome to THE SAGA.

Okay, now that you know WHAT we are doing, I am sure you want to know WHO we are.

  • JC Groves

  • Chris Morrow

  • Dakota Dallas

We are three men whose weight break the four-digit mark when combined. Elevators fear us, chairs loath us, and buffets love us. To change this, we will be completely changing our eating habits and perform DDP Yoga at 9:00 pm, 3-5 nights per week. We are tracking our progress with Apple Watches and using three IOS apps: Apple Health (for heart rate and overall progress), Body Tracker (for weight and body measurements), and MyFitnessPal (for food and drink intake tracking). 
Each of us will have our own experience and goals that will be documented here periodically. I hate to use the word “periodically” due to its vague definition but give me a break, we are just now starting this and I am not sure how it will go. It may be sporadic at first but I promise once we get a groove going, it’ll reflect in the timing of our posts as well.
If you have stayed with us this long, then you seem committed to following us and we thank you. By reading this, you are allowing yourself to be our accountability partners and please, call us out when you find fitting.
Don’t sugar-coat anything and don’t accept our failures. 
– Chris Morrow