Easter is the most important week on our calendar. It’s the easiest week to get folks to come to church, that’s why we push invites so hard. It’s also one of the highest attended weekends of the year. However, attendance is not our goal. Granted, it is exciting to run out of seats. This Easter, join me in prayer that we will do more than just attract people to our church and have them walking away saying “that church is great.” We want people to walk away having had an encounter with an almighty God and their life to be forever changed as a result of it! I can promise you this… We aren’t going to post our number of people in attendance on social media or how many prayed a one-time prayer to toot our own horn. We are praying God will change lives for the rest of their lives, not just an emotional moment!
That being said, this is our Super Bowl Sunday. During Super Bowl week everybody is fully engaged. So don’t just invite but as you serve do it remembering this will be the first time or first time in a long time a lot of people will be walking into our doors. Every number has a name and every name has a story. A story of hurt, healing, struggle, need of HOPE that we are offering in the name of Jesus. Remember, even though you shake 500 hands you will only shake theirs once. That cup of coffee you hand out will be the first cup of coffee they get even though you’ve made 8 pots of coffee and handed out 1000 cups. That seat you usher them to will be the first time they are taken to their seat. This will help them feel comfortable. Say a short prayer when you shake their hand, hand them a cup of coffee or take them to their seat.

We are tour guides, not mailmen.

We don’t just give them something we show them!

YOU aren’t just filling a spot, YOU matter! YOU are Living Sent by serving! We can’t connect people from all walks of life to life in Christ without YOU! Thanks for being faithful to serve each and every week.
Come energized, early and ready to connect people to life in Christ this and every weekend because JESUS IS ALIVE every week not just Easter! 
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