Christmas break road trip tips!

Alright, I am guessing it is safe to assume that everyone reading this blog has been on a road trip at one point or another. In my 27 years, I have been a part of a large number of road trips- both solo and as a part of a larger group (plus a couple of caravans). In fact, I’m ready for a road trip.. Being that Christmas break is coming up…It won’t be long till it’s off to grandmas house, ya know… over the hills and threw the woods to grandmothers house we go… I thought this may be a good time to discuss some of the finer points of making your road trip one to remember.

01. Final Destination

As obvious as it may seem, the proper selection of your final destination is vital. I don’t know if you can count taking a road trip to Inola, OK as a win. Set your sights high when planning. Your destination doesn’t necessarily have to be exotic, but you should consider big cities, maybe someplace with a beach or perhaps mountains. or even grandmas house with awesome food!

02. Your Posse

Do not blow this one. Who you decide to roll with could very well make or break your road trip. Consider the dynamic of the group you will be road-tripping with, while keeping a few points in mind.

  • 1. you need a good navigator/co-pilot. This person should be steady, reliable and an innovator. Oh, and of course they must posses a natural awareness of direction. As much fun as life on the road can be, there are few things worse than wasting time cos of a missed exit. It’s awkward for everyone involved.
  • 2. avoid people with TBS. Tiny Bladder Syndrome. There’s nothing more frustrating than someone forcing a bathroom break when you are in the driving groove. Don’t let their flow interrupt yours.
  • 3. make sure you have at least one person who you can rely on to bring some life to the trip. You want someone who is a good conversationalist and who will still be right there with you when you are settled in for the long haul.

03. Soundtrack

What would a road trip be without music? Before your trip, get your music collection together. Obviously, the time you must spend on this is directly proportional to the time you will be spending in the car. Lean towards high-energy songs and throw in several that will get everyone singing. Watch for a theme song to emerge. This is usually one that gets everyone in the car to react. Also, be sure to build a power set. When you are pushing 500+ miles, you will need a boost.

04. Snack Attack

This one is easy: you need something chocolate (but not too much), something crunchy (branch out from chips- maybe give wheat thins a whirl), something sweet (red vines) and something sour (sour gummy worms). Get treats that will stimulate the palette and give you energy to keep going. However, you must stick to the basics. A road trip is not the time to be off exploring the periphery of the food families (this includes ethnic foods). You can’t afford to run the risk of unknown side effects. Do it for the sake of everyone else in the car.

05. The Running Joke.

On your trip you’ve got to have a good joke to refer back to throughout the duration. Don’t force this- let it develop naturally during the course of your journey. When it hits, it will be obvious to everyone involved. It really is a magical thing. A good joke will last for the entire trip. A great joke will last for years to come. Think of it as a free souvenir. I still have jokes from road trips in the early 90’s. You know, from before when some of you were even born. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I hope these help you the next time you take it to the streets. I wish you great success. and merry christmas!


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