All about the CHIPS!

DISCLAIMER: I should say up front that I have done no formal study nor have I conducted any type of survey or random phone calls, a.k.a. telemarketing on the following subject.

Having prefaced this blog with that statement let me say this…97.23376% of Americans enjoy potato chips – and that is a conservative estimate. With such a large percentage of Americans who enjoy potato chips, one would hope that the potato chip consumer would take the consumption of potato chips a little more serious. However, the sad truth is that many potato chip eaters fail to fully appreciate the tasty potential of such delectable treats. Oh no, most people look at chips as some sort of “meal filler”, something with which to pass the time or fill up any empty pockets of air in their stomach. Consequently, the attitude of “any ’ole chip will do” takes place. And that is unfortunate because the potato chip can be a meal maker or a meal breaker!

Allow me to give you some of my CHIP TIPS to help you ensure the best lunch/life ever:
(In no particular order)

01. SNACKABILITY – are you able to take your chips on the go? If you can put your chips in a backpack or coach purse then it is safe to say that your chip bag size has great snackability.

02. SIZEABILITY – this is different from snackability, this is in regards to the Actual Size Of the Chip (a.k.a. – A.S.0.C.). Sizeability is important so that you can conveniently stuff your face with a sizeable amount of delicious potato chips! Here are some examples of chips with excellent sizeability: mini-Pringles, regular Pringles, and Frito’s corn chips.

03. FLAVOROCITY – an incredibly important factor for an outstanding chip is the flavor. Now a’ days the chip selection is as wide and vast as the open seas or the never ending sky…which of course means, so are the flavors. Of course it ultimately depends on your personal taste palate, but you really want to look for something that will make you say one of the following phrases: “Wow, it”s like a party in my mouth!” Or, “Yeee hawwww, that’s a kick in the pants!” Or, “hay el dolor en la garganta!” Or, “I enjoy consuming this food item.” Or, “Mmmmmm.”

04. TEXTURFICATION – the texture of a chip can be just as important as any other part of your chip chompin’ experience. You don’t want something too brittle, but you definitely don’t want a chip that seems unbreakable either. You want a chip that is just right…a perfect blend of teeth resistance and crunchtasticness. On a side note…other chip connoisseurs refer to this “perfection” as crunchability.

Well, there ya have it. Four easy Chip Tips that will help you on your quest for the best possible chip eating experience. I will leave you with my top three favorite chips:

01. Miss Vickie’s Jalapeño chips – high in flavorocity and texturfication

02. Nacho Cheese Doritos – high in flavorocity; low in sizeability

03. Tostitos Bite Size Gold – perfect combo of sizeability and texturfication; great dipability

Until next time…Chips Ahoy (not the cookies),


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