The Church I dream of

  • That the ministry goes beyond the walls of the building and actually IMPACTS the community in a radical way.
  • Where the broken, hurting and lost are received with open arms…and the religious are challenged to repent of their “perfection.”
  • Where generosity is embraced.
  • Where the staff and volunteers give their best to God in every task that they take on!  (I don’t believe the church should look to organization like Disney and Apple for inspiration…I believe they should be looking at the church!!!  Yes, they have great thinkers…we have the HOLY SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD!  There is no excuse for half hearted, watered down effort in the Kingdom!)
  • Where JESUS is exalted…NOT a denomination or a political party.
  • Where Scripture, not Robert’s Rules of Order, govern the Body.
  • Where people in the church REFUSE to ignore injustice…and EMBRACE that God has called the church to do more about it than simply pray…but rather to DIVE IN and do all we can to help all we can.
  • That refuses to accept that the way things are is the way they have to be.
  • That champions the next generation instead of teaching them they are insignificant until they can get a job and begin to tithe.
  • That excitement and passion surrounds the Sunday services…and also an expectation that God is going to do something huge!
  • That throws the desire to compete with other churches out the window…and does all that they can to help the body.
  • That embraces the fact that Jesus originally called “unschooled, ordinary men” to change the world…and He’s STILL doing the same thing today. (See Acts 4:13)


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