You read them in all of the tabloids every single year…people make predictions for the upcoming year.  Well…a wave of inspiration has hit me…and so when the following things happen, don’t say I didn’t tell you they would!

#1 – Jeff Foxworthy will begin to attend Dr.Tim Walker @ Popular Springs Baptist church in Hiram GA’s church in order to get more material for his next tour!

#2 – The Colts  will contact ME to arrange their home schedule around our worship services!

#3 – Terry Gant will discover a way to have coffee fed to him through an IV when he preaches, resulting in a new wave of church growth as people flock to hear twice as much information in half the time.

#4 –Josh Rochester will continue to chase lions, geese, aardvarks and other random animals…teach Starbucks how to create a cool environment in a coffee shop and be DOMINATED by me in a game of Corn Hole!!!

#5 – Larry Griffith will be injured when a pile of books he has been reading for the past few months falls on him!  (But seriously, I’ve NEVER regretted reading a book he has recommended!)

#6 –Ben Honeycutt will convince Casey Hughes to get a tattoo!

#7 –Mitch Norman will be voted “Most metro-sexual” pastor in the US…and will celebrate by beginning a brand new line of scarfs!

#8 – Billy Crystal will fire his worship leader and begin to both preach and lead worship…but the worship will consist of rewrites of hair band songs and 80’s power ballads!

#9 – Paul Reviera will take over the internet…AND will lead the oneighty dance team in an incredible performance at UNLEASH!!!

#10 – Cracker Barrell will once again be well loved because they will BRING THEIR BAKED APPLE DUMPLIN’ BACK!!!PLEASE!!!


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