Never Know what you might find……

I found a bible of mine yesterday that was given to me from a Sunday school teacher…

In the Bible was a list of things that I wrote down back in 1996 (my freshmen year in High school)

I thought I’d share them with you…

1. Love God. Love People. Let everything else flow out of that.

2. What you do today is forecasting your tomorrow. Your choices matter.

3. You’ll never feel more alive or more like Jesus that when you’re helping others.

4. Spirit vs. flesh – what you feed will win. Feed your spirit.

5. Pray. And stay around people that do.

6. Guard your influences. Guard your eyes and ears. Keep the Godly close.

7. Sowing wild oats isn’t worth it. Ever. You reap what you sow.

8. Go. Mission trips, conferences, retreats… get away, let God speak to you.

9. Be a catalyst for Godly change without becoming cynical. Keep a firm resolve
while staying tenderhearted.

10. Decisions are the Hinges to which the door of life swing

11. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your Future

12. Live your life every moment to where when the Holy Spirit speaks,
you not only hear His voice, but you know it!

13. C.S. Lewis–If I find in myself a desire that nothing down here can
compare I know the only reason is that I wasmade for another world…Even so come Lord Jesus I pray

14. Lord, I want to Go as I’m led, when I’m led, to Where I’m led…Lead me Lord I will GO!

15. Lord Use me to be a generation changer! (this is still my prayer today)!

…Just some thoughts from a freshmen In High school…Ready and willing to be used to change the world!


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