“Leading on Empty,”…and I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!

“Leading on Empty,” by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro… I sat in the Glider In Kadens nursery and read this entire book in 3 day…

If you are a senior pastor…student pastor..assistant pastor….children’s pastor…Evangelist…missionary…seriously…I can’t say this strong enough–GET THIS BOOK …AND READ IT!

MOST people do not understand pastgors!  In fact, I’ve heard it said to understand a pastor you have got to be a pastor.

Here are a few highlights from the book…

  • “We don’t forget that we are Christians.  We forget that we are human, and that one oversight alone can debilitate the potential of our future.”
  • “Pastors are expected to lead even when the desire or inclination to do so is severely challenged.  I knew others loved me, but living up to the expectations systemically ingrained into the fabric of who I was became the person I could not escape.”
  • “Gradually my creativity began to flag, and I found it easier to imitate rather than innovate.  I was backing away from the very things that used to challenge and invigorate me.”
  • “Zeal and good intentions can fuel us in the beginning, but they won’t last over the long haul…high self expectations can eventually eat full time shepherds alive.”
  • “I was fixing everybody’s problems except my own, and I needed time to replenish my spirit.”
  • “I wonder how much more effective our churches would be if we made the pastor’s spiritual health–not the pastor’s efficiency–our number one priority.”  Quote from Philip Yancy in the book
  • “In a sense, a pastor never punches out.  Of course some may, but for those who see their profession as a calling, they simply cannot.”
  • “Many times we won’t make major course corrections until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of making the change.”
  • “While everyone in our great church loves the Cordeiro family, I have come to realize that nobody is fighting for my family.  That’s my job.”
  • “Yesterday’s great ideas get tired today, and churches, even great ones, can get tired.  Without wise and hungry leaders, a church’s endeavors will flatline.”

Great Book…If you are flat lining in ministry GET THIS BOOK AND READ IT!


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