Indianapolis Colts…Superbowl 2010…They Huddle but don’t run a play!

Faithfulness. it seems that most Christians defined faithfulness as how steady they are at their attendance of worship services held at the church building. While I think that coming together as a church family is something that is vitally important…! I do not believe that it should complete our definition of what is faithful.

I have come to know many people in my life that make it a point to be at their church at the appointed times throughout the week and yet seem to forget that they are a Christian unless they are in the church building. The truth is we are the church. The building that we gather at on Sunday is simply a place built to hold all of us at the same time. The real work of the church takes place outside of the building in which we meet.

I am reminded of the lyrics of a song written by Casting Crowns:

If we really are the body of Christ then let Sunday be the time in which we come to share how the work of Christ is going in our everyday life. To be recharged & challenged Let us come to worship services worn out from the way that we have allowed ourselves to be used to build up the kingdom of God. Let us reach, teach, and serve because we are His body!

If you have known me for an amount of time, 3 things should stand out to you.

1. I love Jesus

2. I love my Smokin HOT wife kym!

3. I love my Colts!

Now say we get in the car drive 9 hours South to Miami  to watch the Colts play in the 2010 Superbowl! we buy our $350 ticket on the 40 yard line.. Payton Manning walks by and tips his hat and says “JC…Great day for football huh”?

We get all excited….The other team kicks off.. we run the ball back to the 50 yard line..Payton Manning, Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, Garcoin…They all take the field!

Now we know from being a Colts fan and from having watched the greatest QB that has ever played the game of football take the field so many times and scoring from so much further back, that our chances of putting us up by 7 right out of the gate is is better than good it’s about to happen…BUT, what if  they take the field and do something that’s not normal….THEY HUDDLE–After the huddle they run back to the sidelines untill the play clock has run down and they go out and do the same thing 3 more times..I’m going to ticked off! I didn’t come here to watch them Huddle up call a play and go sit on the side lines.. I WANT TO SEE THEM RUN THAT PLAY!

Same thing for us Christian…We can’t just get use to going to church, hearing the call/cry/mission and then Go home and sit on the side lines for 6 days and then come back the next sunday and do the same thing…We have got to take Jesus to the world!


Faithfulness, it is so much more then simply attending church services. It is a life transformed by the power of God. It is a soul cleansed by the blood of Christ. It is a live that cannot be lived for anyone or anything other then Christ.


One comment

  1. Kym · January 12, 2010

    I love you baby!! i can’t wait to see our son!

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