They say walking brings on labor..So that being the case and now that it has been freezing outside for the past 2 week straight walking laps around Wal-mart has become a nightly event here at the groves household…
You know one has no life when you look froward to going and walking laps at the local Wally-world..(not cutting any corners…you walk in the front door, turn left (the only left you will take) go around the outside isle through the “food court” entering the “Cheese/Yogurt/sandwich meats”…continue on in front of the “Photo Center” headed straight to the “Electronics”….turn right @ the “Automotive section” and walk back behind all the Lights, Fans, heaters..Entering the “Sporting goods sections” you then proceed to turn right by the “hair products” making your way back to the front of the store where you continue on for 6 to 8 laps.
And just so you know. (in case any of you readers are wanting to take up Wally-World-Walking 6 laps = 1 mile…
It is important that you understand Wally-World-Walking can become habit forming. So walk with Caution and Knowledge that this is more than just a stroll through an awesome store!

Some of the benefits you gain from Wally-World-Walking

1.  The workers know you
2. They call you by name:  the “Prego-wally-walkers”
3. They know you will never steal anything from them
4. Good chance if “they” are about to close a line they will see you and stay open untill you go through the line..Asking you to put the “LINE CLOSED” sign behind your items.
I hope I have encouraged you to take up this sport of Wally-World-Walking.

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