Things you don’t say to your wife during Labor!

I’m fast learning that these are some things you do not dare say to your wife while she is Contracting/laboring/delivery

I will be adding to this as the night goes on!

#1. Is that normal?

#2. Is avoiding anything that involves my “Mom say’s”.

# 3. Metric system?  keep irrelevant questions out of the birthing center.

#4. Things to avoid is saying “I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”  “toughen up” or “suck it up”.

#5. How bad is it really?

#6. what’s that smell?

#7. babe (me) this couch bed is so hard…

#8. Man I’m hungry!

#9. when she ask you if she has a double chin…SAY NO!

#10. You ok?

#11. is it time yet?

#12. Just breath it can”t be that hard…don”t hold your breath

#13.  Babe you are killing my hand

#14. Babe I think the youth group is coming in the room!

#15. ( to the nurse) can she have a breath mint?

#16. DO NOT CALL YOUR WIFE BIG’N! not a good idea!

#17. This one is from Trevor Gocke: you look like your in pain

#18. From Quinton Gibson: while sitting on the seat in the shower…Does this place have 24/7 food service kym?

#19…from kym, Am I peeing right now?

#20. This “Whopper” is amazing!

#21. What’s that smell…Sorry it slipped out!

#22. from the guys in the youth group…can we come see you tomorrow? (kym..I’ll look horrible) Trevor: We have seen you look a whole lot worse!

#23.  so you wanna “fake push”

#24. that hurts babe? I thought you had an epidural

I love this gal…She is awesome, such a trooper! can’t wait to see my son!



  1. josh rochester · January 15, 2010

    things not to do in the delivery room: probably shouldn’t take out a piece of paper, draw a 10 centimeter circle, and look babe “10 centimeters is this big!”

  2. josh rochester · January 15, 2010

    things you don’t say- tough it out babe, it can’t be as bad as my kidney stone last year.

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