Beyond the open door

I guess the old saying is true, and I don’t know who said it…So I can’t give them credit…”if you want to walk on water you’ve got to get out of the boat”

How true that is…It takes faith to take that first step!

I heard this song a few years back (at the bottom of this post take a listen to it!) and I liked the words..but the last few weeks this song has really become reality! I guess you could say I’m living it!

Beyond the open door is where the NEW and FRESH anointing is, it takes faith to step into the unknown but that is where the biggest blessing are.

So with a peace and understanding, we step through this door..Where it leads I don’t know! But where it leads I WILL go!

When You Can’t See Your Way  and You Feel That You Have Gone Astray,  doing All You Know To Do. God Has Not Forgotten You. So hold Your Head Up And Be True for in time God Will Open Doors For You.

oh, You Can Fight On, through Your Darkest Days, and Even though You Can’t See The Way God Will Open Doors for you!

Listen to the Word of this song!


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