The little squirrel had almost made it. I don’t know what happened. I was barreling down the back road and I watched as a little squirrel ran curiously and quickly across the road in front of my car.

“Good, he made it! “ I thought.

But just before he stepped into the grass of freedom on the other side of the road, he heard my car approaching and panicked!

He began the “Crazy-get-outta-da-way-what-do-I-do-now” dance and decided to turn back to where he had come from! The unmistakeable “Thump-Thump” under my tires made me wince.

I thought to myself, “If he had only stayed straight he would have….” My thoughts trailed off as the Holy Spirit of God whispered to me, “Exactly. Stay straight…stay focused. If you turn back there is always the potential of danger.

To many times in life we seem to “panic” when trials arise…one of the questions I have asked myself over the years is, in what ever sistuation I’m in will I Thrive in this life or Just merely Survive?

When you keep your eyes on Him when sistuations arise in Life you will have a peace that passes all understanding!

Paul said no fear can haunt us, No foe can daunt us.

Can death separate us?

No it ushers us into His presence. Absent from the body present with the Lord.

Can life separate us from that Love?

No Jesus said I’m with you always even to the end of the world

Can things present separate us?

Of course not for He is the I Am! The one who dwells eternally in the present.

Then JC what about things to come?

No because He is the coming one.

Can Height or depth?

NO because He has plumbed the deepest depth for us and scaled the highest Height and is enthroned yonder on the highest pinnacle of glory.

No foe can daunt us no fear can haunt us!

Can any other creature come between us and God?

No for after all, a creature is but a creature and He who has sealed us with His love is the creator over all!

So then, whether it be things from experience or beings from the realm of spirits; whether it be matters of time or matters of space, NOTHING can separate us from Gods love. The Love that took the initiative in lifting us up from the miry clay will lift us to the street of heaven. What more could we ask for than that…that my friend is a reason to Thrive and not just Survive.

Freedom awaits you if you do not turn back.” A little squirrel’s death was my lesson in life.


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