Yesterday morning my little family went to Oakwood Baptist church Chickamauga GA: oakwoodbc.org And heard Pastor Darrell Henry preach an awesome message on “Heaven”

Well, As I sit here at 6:08 am after a long sleepless night due to a baby up and crying~ I’ve been thinking about heaven, my future home & one thing that is certain…Heaven will be my home! You could say I’m packed and ready to go!

I read a survey that said 77% of Americans believe in heaven, 76% say their chances of going to heaven are good or excellent…Mine is not a hope so or a maybe so it’s a grantee!

Ted Turner, once said “heaven is perfect, who would want to go to a place that is perfect for all of eternity…That would be just plan boring”  Well, from what I know about that fell a he aint got much to worry about…

Paul said in the book of Philippians 3:20 for our conversation is in heaven

When he spoke of Heaven he was talking about a place that was Special…It’s a place beyond human comprehension. The poet is at lost for words to describe it, the artist lacks the skills to depict it, and even the theologian lacks the ability to detail it… and in the words of Dickey V…”It’s gonna be awesome baby”

Billy Sunday said in one of his sermons “If we could get a real appreciation of what heaven is like, we would be so homesick the devil wouldn’t have a friend left on this earth”

The bible calls us “Christians” Strangers & Pilgrims in the world…We are in this world but we are not of it, Heaven is out Home..This is just a temporary stopping place!

One of my favorite quotes…from John Piper: “If I find in myself a desire to which nothing down here can compare I know the only probable explanation is I was made for another world”

I can’t wait for heaven!

I love the song that I’ve heard my whole life….

There is coming a day when no heartaches shall come, no more clouds in the sky no more tears to dim the eye; all is peace forevermore on that happy golden shore what a day, glorious day that will be!

Even so come Lord Jesus I pray…

Are you ready to go to heaven?

Are you sure that heaven will be you home?

If you were to draw your last breath here in this earth where would you be?

If you’re not sure, shoot me an e-mail I’d love to talk with you and share with you a life changing message!


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