Be Still and know that I am God:

God wants us to build times and places of stillness into our lives in order that we might know Him and the fullness of His peace, power and purposes for our lives:

Why are we afraid of “stillness”

Frankly stillness scares us just a littel; quietness tends to be unsettelling to us so we do our best to avoid it..Filling every area of our lives from the moment we wake up with alarm clocks…right into the shower were I turn the radio getting dresses with the TV on…to the car where I listen to music..I’m surrounded by noise and that is what keeps us from being alone with our thoughts and the Lord.

We are afraid of stillness for a few reasons:

1. Afraid to lose ground…

Taking time to think and reflect, we think, takes time away from doing things, from moving ahead…We get into the mindset that Busyness equals Spirit-ual-ness ..We are afraid that if we stop and think, breath, listen and wait..Others will get ahead of us and we will never catch up.

2. Afraid to look back…

in our human minds, we offten associate stillness witha  lack of initiative and resting with laziness..

Have you ever been sitting at your desk thinking, considering the best course of action, sorting out all the solutions that are wise rather than expedient, only to jump when someone comes in and then you try to pretend you are and were busy?

We don’t want to look bad when others are madly rushing around…so instead of settting aside time to work smarter, we join the, in working harder and longer without considering the overall impact on not only the job, but on our families and especiall on our relationshop with Christ or Lord…

3. Afraid to listen quietly…

Why are we so intimidated by silence? Is it that we cannot stand to be quiet so that we might listen for the still small voice of God?

God does not usually shout His instructions to us regarding His will, nor does He yell at us to inform us of His great love for us.

Those things come to us in times when we have withdrawn to the quiet place, to lie down in green pastures, to be still beside the refreshing waters which quench the deep thirsting of our souls for more that this world can give.

4. Afraid to look inside…

As long as we keep going, we don’t have to expose the vulnerable side of our hearts, but once we get still and begin to listen as the Lord speaks, we are afraid of what He might bring to light..

Have you ever had a friend that did not want to be alone with you because they did not want to have to talk with you anything of substance?

We are afraid to be too alone with Christ and so we keep moving figuring that our constant motion will protect us from His scrutiny.

So today I challenge you..

1. Be Still

2. Wait on the Lord

3. Listen for His still small voice

My great grandpa Groves told me one time and I’ve never forgot it.. Even though he passed away when I was 10 I remember him telling me this quote and I’ve held on to it for almost 20 years now…

“Live your life every moment to where when the Holy Spirit speaks you not only hear His voice but you know it”

My prayer for you today is that you will Be still

Maybe it is the first time in a looooong time

Maybe you’ve never just been still in His presence and listened for His voice.

Maybe it’s been so long since you’ve just sat and Listened.

Well I challenge you today to do just that…Watch these two videos and BE STILL!

Hit Play on “come and listen” @ 1:13 of be still…It flows better that way!


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