Being Mr. Mom:

It’s amazing to me how life has changed so much in just 2 months!

Now that Kym is having to go to work everyday and I’m staying at home with the little man, I’m learning ALOT about being Mr. Mom!

One of those things is how drastically a kid can and will change your life!

Here is the actual play by play for the past 24 hour stint as Mr. Mom.

9:45pm 5 oz. bottle and asleep.

11:45am Restless and in need of bottle.. 2 oz. and one diaper and he’s asleep within 20 minutes

3:00am 2 oz., and back asleep within 15 minutes.

5:30am 1 more oz. and back to sleep

8:25am  3 oz. and he’s awake for the day?   Mom leaves for work while I’m still half asleep. Diaper change

9:00am  Another bottle  4 oz.

9:40am  He’s sleeping… is this a nap or more sleep from overnight?  Who cares.

10:00am Awake.  Diaper change.  Change clothes because he just puked all over Himself and Me

11:45am Diaper change.  Clean mess that went through diaper!!  Change his clothes again dude deiced to put on a water display with pee, despite crying.

12:00pm  Bottle.  2 oz. that put him to sleep.

12:35 Awake.  I clean 2 more oz.   He swings and watches me.

1:15  Diaper change. sit on couch and watch braves game with dad…

2:00pm Bottle, only 1 oz. is consumed before sleep.

3:30pm.  Awake.  AND SCREAMING!

4:00pm. Bottle 4 oz.

5:00pm  No applause for me, just a diaper.

5:15pm  Another diaper.

5:30 Nap time again

6:00pm Awake and back to the swing. Diaper

6:30pm MOM”S HOME!

7:00 Bottle 3 oz and loving life…No crying, No Screaming, Nothing…Just a peaceful baby for mom!

8:00-11:00 Bedtime..(sometime in that time frame)

12:00 am..We Start all over again!

Results:  11 bottles  7 diapers, 3 times up overnight……..

And n0 chance I’d change a thing!  I love my son…I thank God he is a healthy big boy!

So all-n-all Being Mr. Mom is no problem at all!


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