A few sermons I watched this past week…..

Now that I’m sitting at home all day with my son I have a lot of free time to read, watch and listen to some sermons…Some sermons are amazing, some sermons you wonder why that person is even in the ministry and other sermons you wonder what they are even trying to talk about..All in all it’s been a very interesting week with some very interesting sermons. Here are just a few:

#1. Louie Giglio: Hope (8:31)

#2. Francis Chan – Balance Beam (3:53)

#3. Is a horrible sermon from some guy that looks like his church is in 1 half of a trailer pastor Steven L. Anderson preaches on “Cursed is the man that pissith against the wall” And we wonder why Christians are made fun of…Jokers like this dude! (4:37)


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