Fathers Day…Year #1.


WOW. I can’t believe I’m celebrating this day. I want to say up front I love my father. He is a good man, with a great heart. 

Every year on father’s day it seemed that I was gone to some kind of camp, retreat…ect. I never really thought much about Fathers/Mothers day until I became a father myself.  Both Fathers & Mothers day are huge days, and as we celebrated Fathers day I want to say thank you to my dad who has given his life and most of the time the things he enjoyed to provide for his family. It’s funny But lately I’ve been finding myself saying the very same things that dad use to say, I even find myself acting the very same way… The older i get the more i can see how much he loved my mother my brother sister and me.. Now that I’ve got my own family everyday i hope i see a little more of my father in me! 

And  now as I’m looking at this day in a different light. WOW what a responsibility! I have a son that is going to watch, act, grow in the ways he watches me do life.. I wanna be like Jesus so much, because my little boy is gonna wanna be just like me. To all you fathers out there. Step up and be a good dad. Don’t take any moment for granted. Love like you’ve never loved. Live your life knowing that little eyes are watching you. BE THE MAN GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE! 

Happy Fathers Day. 


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