Life update July….

  Where do I start…I know, I LOVE MY WIFE!  

I’m sitting here in Paris TX at my wife grand parents house, at 1:00 a.m. and it hit me like a truck full of bricks…God has brought me so far! I never thought I would have the life I have right now…A wife as awesome as Kym, a son as amazing as Kaden. I mean God is so good to me. Sure this past 6 months have been six of the hardest months of my life…But we have grown so close as a family, I would not trade this trial for anything.  I’ve learned that every test turns into a testamony.   

 Click here —> to hear an amzing song  If not for the storm (Larnelle Harris)
Verse 1
If all I’d had were blue skies
And days of perfect peace
Always sailing smoothly over
Gentle quiet seas

  Verse 2
There’s so much about You
I might have never known
But I have faced the wind and waves
And I see how faith has grown  

Verse 3
A shepherd strong and tender
I’d only read about
Met me in the middle of
Moments filled with doubt  


Verse 4
A provider a protector
A friend who knew my need
There’s so much I can tell of who
You’ve proved yourself to be   
Misc 1
Sometimes it’s hard to see the reasons
For the trial I’m in
Looking for my earthly point of view
But you have surely proven to me
Time and time again
I can depend on you
To bring me through   

Chorus 1
If not for the storm
I couldn’t say that You’re my shelter
If not for the storm
I would have never known Your strength
I found You so faithful
Through all that You allowed
If not for the storm
There’s no way I’d know You
As I know You now   

As I think through the storms, I realize, that out of each and every one of them, I learned something new about God. Something about His character, His promises, His faithfulness, His peace, His steadfastness… something in each and every one of those storms. None of those situations came into my life without letting me see at least one new thing about Him.   

BUT even through all of this…I have so much further to go…   

I think about the Apostle Paul…when God knocked him off of his horse in Acts 9 he had no idea about all that God had in store for him.  What he thought was an amazing experience was actually just the beginning.   

I think about Peter, James and John when they had a GREAT catch of fish (Luke 5) and Jesus called them to follow Him.  They had just had an amazing experience…but that particular event didn’t hold a candle to the things they would eventually see.   

Many times we can get so caught up in where we are (either good or bad) and fall into the idea that “this” is all God has for us…but the reality is that if we are STILL on this planet then He STILL has a plan for us…there’s more!   

You are NOT STUCK where you are!  Whether your life is amazing..or awful…there’s MORE!   

I am thankful for the victories He has allowed me to have in the past…but I simply refuse to slide into “cruise control” and play it safe in this life.     

So, needless to say I’m super pumped to see where God is going to lead us! I have a feeling it’s not to far off now…Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will never sink!   




One comment

  1. kym · July 14, 2010

    i love you baby!!

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