Excited about the new chapter God is leading my little family into. Kaden, Kym & I will be moving out of Chattanooga Tn headed for Salt Lake City Utah this coming Saturday! We have been called to an awesome church there,  Southeast Baptist Church & We will offically start one week from today I CAN”T WAIT!

Here are a few things I have learned in this past 7 months in the waiting…..

  • I love my wife. She amazes me everyday.
  • My son = WOW I MADE THAT!
  • Never take a moment you have with your kid or kids forgranted. I have learned to find the blessing in dipers and screaming and eating every 2 hours.
  • Invest in REAL relationship every chance you get.
  • True friends are few and far between. But when you do find a real friend treasure that.
  • People will talk about you…Get over it.
  • In the waiting…God shows up.
  • Never take your Calling or your Position as pastor for granted.
  • I will never gripe about planning a youth trip again. I missed it!
  • Thank God daily for the calling He has placed on your life.
  • While thanking Him…Pray you stay out of the way and don’t screw it up
  • Silence is a good thing.
  • Read your Bible…NOT for sermon preparation but rather to hear God’s voice on a personal level
  • We have have the VISION to really know God and know His Word…but until we get the discipline to actually open His Word and read it for extended periods of time instead of channel surfing (or tweeting or facebooking)…that vision just isn’t going to become a reality
  • Answer the following question, “I feel the closest to God when I BLANK.”  And when you find that answer…do it A LOT!
  • Get together with other pastors…and DO NOT let those meetings turn into “let’s bash the guy who isn’t here” meetings but rather times where you can mutually challenge and encourage one another.
  • Beg God to do something unexplainable and undeniable in your life and ministry
  • NOTHING is wrong with wanting to see more people attend church
  • It is not wrong with having strategies and systems in place to make sure that things hit on all cylinders.
  • To be more intentional in my relationships
  • Stick to your guns
  • Follow God’s plan; it is the best plan for your life

Don’t wait–NOW!!! from

You’ve been putting off that ministry idea…do it NOW!

You’ve been holding off on that sermon…do it NOW!

You’ve been too scared to launch that church…do it NOW!

You’ve been too fearful to confront certain things…do it NOW!

That’s just a small part of what has been on the mind of JC this past 7 months…..More to come.


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