Do we really have it right?

I’ve been reading this book—->

And it’s really gotten me thinking:

What would the world look like if we actually loved and served others before ourselves? Let’s go simpler than that even.

How would the world see Christians?

How would the world see Christianity?

How would the world see Christ Himself if we loved and served others before ourselves?

I talked almost a year ago at Oneighty about some of the simple, subtle tricks that the enemy will use to make us ineffective Christians. 

 The tricks that the enemy uses are so subtle that often times, they’ll be disguised as spiritual health. Don’t get me wrong, the following symptom does not make us failures as Christians. We may in fact be in a great place spiritually. This trick acts like a parasite and feeds on our spiritual strength. We can get so blinded by our own spiritual growth. In fact one of the worst times in my life (spiritually) came in the first year of being a Student pastor I had a relationship with God but I forget to go out and share that with others. The Bible calls us salt. You have to shake the shaker to get the salt out. The Bible also calls us light. You have to turn the lamp on in a dark room to see light. If we do not do these things, that parasitical trick, slowly drains our effectiveness, and in turn, our spiritual health.

I think it’s safe to say that Jesus was at a pretty decent place, spiritually. I always found it very interesting that Jesus never walked up to someone and said, “I see you stumbling and grabbing around and assume that you’re blind… I can help you with that.” Nor did He add the stipulation that if they believe in Him, only then would He heal them. No! When the sick approached Jesus, even if it was obvious, He asked, how can I help you? Jesus met their need… Then He said, “Go, and sin no more.” We live a backward gospel.

What does this have to do with the simple trick of the enemy to make us ineffective? Glad you asked… If you are speaking Christ and the Bible at people, does that meet their need… or yours? I know that ultimately their need is the salvation that can only come from Christ. When we meet their need and show them that love, isn’t that the most accurate picture of who Jesus really is?

Just thinking…What do you think? Please comment and let me know your thoughts




  1. Daniel Boggs · December 30, 2010

    Thanks for posting this! I was having this conversation over lunch with a bunch of youth pastor friends here in AL. Keep preaching the word JC.

  2. Angie Payne · December 30, 2010

    We really miss you in North Ga! I think the people at the Church at Catoosa know now what they gave up when they let you go. I’m praying for you and your family there in Salt Lake.. That God would use you there like he has here in Ga to reach so many people! and by the way..You are still ministering to people here even though your on the other side of the country. You impact on the student of this area will last for a long time!

  3. jcgroves15 · December 30, 2010

    Hey thanks! Daniel how’s it going there in Birmingham? and Angie..Yall are missed as well! Love ya!

  4. Biscuit · December 30, 2010

    I went through a simular process a few years ago. Wondered why we even went to church week after week. I actually took a few months away from church. I felt as though I had to “detox”. This spawnd after reading “Jim and Casper Go to Church” Jim a minister, Casper an atheist traveled the country visiting churches. The resounding question was asked by Casper thoughout the journey…”Is this really what Jesus has called you guys to do?”

    This book sounds like a must read as well. I’ll check it out.

    Good post Bro.

  5. jcgroves15 · December 30, 2010

    I love you man.. Miss ya bro!

  6. Nick Hooper · January 4, 2011

    JC you’re a true man of God. I hope to grow up spiritually as strong as you.

  7. jcgroves15 · January 4, 2011

    Keep your eyes on Jesus and not man. He will never leave you or forsake you. trust in Him with ALL your heart don’t lean to your OWN understanding. But in every way Acknowldge him and HE will direct your path! Love ya nick. Keep standing tall in a world of giants!

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