Life in….

As a student pastor, I often find myself asking the question “What makes the perfect youth experience?” The battle between perceived need and perceived desires rages on. The students think they want one thing, their parents want one thing, and the youth pastor walks the delicate tight rope. Perhaps it’s the youth pastor willing to sing Justin Beiber in a horrific display of vocal ineptitude, maybe it’s the hoards of junk food with enough caloric energy to power a space ship, or even a game involving awkward facial expressions and oreos, but my guess is that by itself those things would simply make a really bad reality show. Or this video…

Starting in a new place and a new ministry ( is such different experience for Kym and I! At times it feels like there is a forest’s worth of trees to work through and a couple of dudes with hatchets. Our student ministries team have talked a ton about where to begin in the process of re-building, re-branding, and Re Charging a ministry so that it makes a difference in the lives of students. We have such a great team at Canyons Church as a part of the Canyons Student Ministry! We have a killer volunteer team who is committed to helping attack those trees one at a time as we partner w/ students to create THAT experience that will change their lives.

All said and done, I am not sure I have the “equation” for the right event…Zondervan would have already published that one. However, I do know that when you plan spaces for students to experience community, to have fun, and you have a killer team of people making it happen while seeking what it is that God wants you to do with the group…Because we already have to many “Copycat” youth groups out there, Be your own. the night/event/ministry is a win for everyone!


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