What are your thoughts on this video?



  1. Matt Lomeli · January 4, 2011

    Personally, not a fan of Driscoll. I think he’s an idiot. I think Chan was a teamed up on a bit unfairly.

  2. allen bradberry · January 13, 2011

    I think Driscoll is calling him out on this whole ” God is calling me” thing. So subjective with little to no checks or balances. I do think God can press,lead, or place desires in our hearts, but who is going to argue with ” God is calling me to do this”? If you are bored, and i think Chan is, just be honest with your people. There’s my 2 cents for what it is worth. BTW- I do appreciate what Chan is doing ( going to obscurity) but it sounds like
    he wants the challenge. What do you think?

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