Father Time and King Death


Found this on my buddy Tracy Trivette’s Blog www.tracytrivette.blogspot.com

Father Time met King Death, he was sitting by a tomb.

“Hello good friend! I guess you’re here to seal somebody’s doom.”

“You might say that” sly Death replied as a smile came across his face.

“Inside this tomb lies the Jesus man, who said He’d save the race.”

“Time?” said Death, “Why are you here don’t you have things to do?”

“I come this way every day” said Time, “To draw the veil and let the morning through.

Death, why are you watching just one grave with all your vast domain? Seems to me you’d be rambling around smiting folks with pain?” Death said

“This one’s something special. He challenged me they say. He said he’d lay here just three days then get up and walk away. Well, I’m the conqueror you know they don’t talk back to me. When I smite a man to the grave it’s for all eternity.”

 Time said “I have to go, I must be on my way. But I will see you again tomorrow when I come to make another day.” So Father Time passed up the hill and caused the sun to rise and left Death standing by the tomb so mighty and so wise.

The next day Time passed again, “How are things?” he queried. “Kind of quiet.” Death replied, “I’m getting a little wearied. But I won’t be here when you come back about this time tomorrow. I’m anxious to be on my way to spread more grief and sorrow.”

 But the next day Time passed again and was quite surprised to see Old Death quivering on the ground in frightful agony. His eyes were set, his face was marred his cloak in disarray. It wasn’t hard for Time to see that Death has had his day. “What happened Death?” asked Father Time. “What makes you look so bad? I’ve never seen you look this way, so weak and oh so sad!” Death pulled himself upon a rock, he was looking sick and humble. He hung his head and wrung his hands, Father Time could hear him mumble.

 “I was sitting here at the break of day about to take my stroll. When all at once the whole world seem to rock and roll. Then the stone moved from the door and skipped on down the hill and I could feel myself becoming sick and very, very ill.

Then I saw Him standing in the door, He didn’t move or speak. And all the sudden I found myself becoming tired and weak. He came out of the grave! He took a hold of me and threw me to the ground! He placed His foot upon my neck and took away my crown!

Then He took my keys away from me and placed them on His side. Now I must go and face old Satan and tell him that I lied. For I made a vow to Satan. I promised to hold Him down. But with a power like I’ve never seen, Jesus came forth out of the ground!”


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