You are probably a youth pastor if…

This post is from posted by Kevin Moore


There is nothing like being a youth pastor. We are a totally different breed. In this blog I thought I would celebrate some of the traits and tendencies that can be found in almost all of us that work in youth ministry.





You are probably a youth pastor if…

  • At some point in your life you’ve rocked either a goatee or a soul patch.
  • You have at least two plaid western shirts from Urban Outfitters in your closet.
  • You pride yourself on how fast you can set up folding chairs.
  • You secretly desire to look just like any of the dudes from Hillsong United.
  • At least one time in your ministry career you’ve scheduled an outreach event, just so you could get some free food.
  • Every time you want to “go deeper”, the first thing you do is read a book by Mark Driscoll.
  • You can always come up with 3 legit reasons to do it later. (And it doesn’t matter what “it” is)
  • Your car catches on fire and the first thing that comes to your mind is, “This would be an incredible message illustration.”
  • You got married just so you could have one more steady youth worker.

If you’re a youth pastor, you know what I’m saying is true. Rather than fight it, let’s embrace it. I say, let’s go out and get a cool deep v-neck shirt, read a Driscoll book, and keep setting up folding chairs at a lightning fast pace… because that is who we are. We are youth pastors and the body of Christ needs us… soul patch and all.

After reading this…all I can say is>BE WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE!



One comment

  1. Amber-Lee · July 21, 2011

    Heehee, funny. Though the “male only” ones can’t apply to me!

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