Moldova Mission Trip (Day 1 & 2)

The mission team:

JC Groves (team leader)

Hadyn Fava

Michael Tillison

Hannah Grayson

Taylor Ridge

993908_396337610476151_280640719_nAfter a 2 hour delay sitting on the runway at the Atlanta Airport 1002864_541944518474_1427864110_nwe finally took off… We arrived at the Chisinau airport Thursday afternoon. 1004882_397691603674085_1734674633_n





972054_397691393674106_1113570130_nThat was a interesting evening trying to get use to the 7 hour time difference… We all finally fell asleep around 11:00pm Moldova time 4:00 pm USA and all were awake by 4:00am and ready to go!

The purpose for this trip is to be with the folks at Meteora or as we would call it “Metro”… It’s a Church/Community center for people of all ages here in the capital city. We are going to be teaching English classes for the day camp starting on Monday. So, the first three days are to get use to the time change/Sight seeing/souvenirs buying.

We were glad to have Ira our translator along with us today to help us with the market and figuring out our way around town! There is also a fella named Sergiu who has been in charge of making sure we get everywhere we need to be. He is a great guy that LOVES him some ping pong.. 562624_654444331251812_1825925275_n(We will post a better picture of him later) Here is a picture of the team with Ira the translator. 992808_397691523674093_1360672537_nShe took us to see the Orthodox church downtown. 1003305_397797570330155_2000972926_n 970128_397797276996851_1864592187_nFriday and Saturday night we were at Meteora were they had two events. Friday night was for the youth and Saturday night for couples. Here is a few pictures from the two nights.






Sunday we will spend the whole day preparing for the camp and start some training for the week ahead. Thanks so much for all the prayers!



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