Fathers Day 2016

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons born in one’s youth. Happy is the man who has filled his quiver with them. Such men will never be put to shame when they speak with their enemies at the city gate. Psalm 127:4-5


I have been a father for six years now. My wife and I have been blessed with fertility one would say! In my short time as a father I have learned more about myself, mission and purpose in life. It is from that I give you a few reasons why I love being a dad.

  • I finally get to watch children’s cartoons again without feeling bad! I’m convinced that if Dora the Explorer and Bob the Builder had a kid it would be Rita the Realtor! You know you are a dad when your kids leave the room and you are so focused on “Team Umizoomi” that you realize you are the only one watching…


  • Hearing my kids laugh. Yes, yes. Sappy. Whatever! Hearing my kids laughing hysterically has to be one of the greatest sounds ever! 13051655_604877380514_8914467201118506372_n
  • Imagine a place where anything is possible. When you become a father, you get to live in this reality right along with them. You get to imagine once more that you might just be a real superhero. “Superdad”  When you wrestle with or play with your boys, they are surrounded by the idea that their own father wants to join them in this quest of imaginative heroism. Playing dolls with your daughters they see a softer side of the scruffy, deep voiced giant as a gentleman who dearly cares to be with them.


  • There is nothing quite as genuine as seeing the eyes of dependency drawing you into discovering your own ability to lead. One of my favorite moments that happens nearly every week. The church I pastor is in a strip mall (for now)… every week after the 4th service I walk outside to see them come out the door and run to me with huge smiles on their face, yelling “dad” at the top of their lungs with arms flung wide open! It’s a picture of pure joy and excitement to run to my arms. I take mental pictures of that moment every single time.


  • I finally know how my dad feels about Me. The moment you go from being “a guy” to being a father you “get it.” That is the feeling of what it is to love something more than life itself. I recall how my view of my father transformed in an instant. For I knew, no matter what he ever did or said, he too had felt “this” for me, my brother and sister. It’s not an optional feeling.

The responsibilities of being a father can be overwhelming at times. But, I’ve learned that being a father to these 5 is life’s most challenging—yet fulfilling—responsibility. The role is full-time, the learning is never ending and the benefits are priceless! As a man, if we approach this role with dedication and intention, you will enjoy a life filled with purpose as you have never experienced before. I’m praying for you dad’s! Man-up and be present in your role as Dad.



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