Physical Health is a Spiritual Matter. (Week 1 update)


Week one!

It really wasn’t that bad after Tuesday. The first few days I had a constant headache from the lack of sugar. But, Wednesday on it’s not been bad at all! It has been totally worth it so far, I feel healthier already. Already down 12.9 pounds!

Few things I’ve been thinking about as I start this journey that I want to encourage you who are joining me to get healthy as well as those who are just following along.  

#1 Don’t depriving yourself of Food.

Losing weight is not about removing foods groups or eating as little as possible. However, for some reason many of us have turned to these methods when trying to drop the pounds. Don’t deprive yourself! There is no need to. You can eat the foods you love and still lose weight – I am! You may have to switch some things up and and for sure reduce your portions but you never have to completely give up a food! 

Said all that to say.. Don’t think you can go hog wild on chips, chocolate, soda and Ice cream and expect the results. Sorry, You will need to become intentional with your food. This basically means you need to think before you eat. But this is a good thing trust me.

13612295_608511822064_8708838745003213785_n#2 STOP saying and talking yourself into the lie called  “I’ll start Monday” 

The “I am going to start my diet on Monday so I will eat whatever I want this weekend” binge. Just don’t do it. When you are really ready to change your life you will start no matter what day it is.


# 3 You think you are eating healthy but you really aren’t

When I started to track my food I was totally shocked with the amount of calories I was eating. The first day I clocked in over 5000 calories. I could not believe it.

Honestly I thought I was eating healthy. I did not eat fast food or drink soda or anything of the sort. But I was eating too much and a lot of processed junk. These two together, plus my lack of exercise, were the reasons I am over 300 pounds!

#4 Eat Lean and Clean! 

It wasn’t until I started eating clean foods and my amazing phenomenal cook of a wife cooking clean meals for us did I understand the true meaning of healthy eating. When you fill your body with nutritious wholesome food you feel better, look better, and overall perform better.

#4 The best thing you can do is be prepared!

One of the worst feelings in the world is sitting at my desk and being hungry with no healthy food options available. I start to get anxious and desperate because I am hungry and know sugary fattening processed vending machine junk or starving are my only two options.

Therefore, the best way to make sure you eat healthy foods is to have them ready when you need them. This goes for when you are home and when you will be out of the house all day long. Taking a little extra time on the weekend and/or at night to prep meals for the next day will help immensely with developing healthier eating habits.

#5  Don’t just depending on willpower instead of being disciplined

Willpower is a word often used when we talk about changing our eating habits and creating healthy eating habits is about being intentional and disciplined with your food not constantly having to tell yourself no. When you are disciplined you are creating a lifestyle that is supportive of your eating habits. Therefore, you take the time to think about and plan your meals in advance. Willpower should be reserved when you are in an environment you do not have control over. For example, when people bring donuts into the office, you are at a party, or something of that sort.

I want to leave you with this bible verse;  “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.” (Romans 12:1)

Too many Christians are living lifestyles that will lead to health problems now and in the future.

This situation is happening because so many of our lifestyle does not promote health, nutrition, and the proper care of the body that God has given us. Our society has become lazy, everyone looks for the easy way out by cutting corners. Convenience is the key to living for most people and the convenient, easy way is not often the best way.

My prayer is that through this journey you will be inspired and join me in finding the right path to healthy living, to protect and care for the body and mind that God had given you.

A healthier you is within reach, and by achieving good health, your relationship with Jesus will grow. YOU CAN DO IT! START NOW!

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One comment

  1. Roger Leiviska · July 10, 2016

    Stop referring to yourself as fatboy. How about “Fit Boy!” Speak it into existence. When I was 275.6 lbs I realized I had to look into the mirror and see the 222 lbs I wanted for myself.
    Remember you become what you speak about yourself.
    Love you Brother !!! I believe in you and your journey.

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