I Love Student Ministry!


I’ll begin with this: Change is a good thing! Don’t believe me? Well, let me explain…

It has already been four years since I stepped out of the world of full time student ministry into the role of being a Campus Pastor for Rock Bridge.  I have loved nothing more than pastoring such a great community of people in the great city of Ringgold! This weekend at Rock Bridge Ringgold was simply amazing! We baptized 6 people and had four max capacity services! 14117698_10100538362310076_6715710985475329513_n So don’t worry, that’s not where the change comes into play. I promise I’m not going anywhere.. I LOVE ROCK BRIDGE COMMUNITY CHURCH and I’m FIRED UP for what God is about to do here!

Jump ahead a year and a half  and the church was blessed with hiring an amazing part-time student pastor. Unfortunately, it was just a short two weeks into his hire that we were all hit with the tragic death of his young wife. Though we tried to continue, eventually we felt it would be best for him to step down in search of a full time job outside the church. 

This left a hole to fill and I decided that it was more important to take on extra work rather than leave such a vital role empty. I did not imagine being able to do both campus and student pastoring, but, like always, God made it work. It was then that I realized just how much I had missed student ministry. 

So, let’s fast forward to today… 

This morning we announced that Rock Bridge Ringgold has hired a full time Associate Campus Pastor and his name is…(drum roll please)…Andrew Plisko!!!

I’m so fired up about this, Andrew who has been serving as a Elder at Rock Bridge Ringgold for the past two years will be starting middle of September!   

I will still be the Campus Pastor at Rock Bridge Ringgold, just shifting the majority of my focus to the generational side of the ministry with Student/college ministry being my main focus while also giving more support to Casie, our children’s director. Andrew will focus on Outreach (HOPE), small groups, benevolence and adult ministry. We will share counseling and pastoral care.

As all of these changes have been happening, I’ve been writing down some things that I really love and missed about Student Ministry. I’m more than stoked to get back into the swing of things within full time student ministry and here’s a top 10 list explaining why:

 10. Middle school energy.   I love MIDDLE SCHOOLERS!  

10 1/2. High School energy. I Love HIGH SCHOOLERS!

9.  Random hanging out.  From students dropping by the office, to meals, ball games. I love being around our students!

8.  Students loving on my kids. I love watching students love on our kids and my kids LOVE these students!

7.  Trips.  I seriously look forward to baseball games, roller coasters, Camps, Retreats, DNOW’s… Even Lock-in if we still did them! 

6.  Passion.  I love watching students worship God.  (And in my opinion, I think we have one of the best Student Ministry Worship Bands around)

5.  Having the opportunity to share the gospel week in and week out. It’s such an awesome privilege and responsibility! I love to preach and this allows me that opportunity to do that weekly! 

4.  Transformation in the lives of teenagers. It never gets old.  Story after story of God’s work in teenage hearts is amazing! Not just during Middle and High School but years later seeing former students lives changed never gets old! 

3.  Being able to help mold the adult that these students will be in a few short years. 

2. The awkward conversations, late nights, and dealing with parents…ALL OF IT! I LOVE IT ALL! 

1.  Just being part of the Student Ministry TEAM! In my opinion Rock Bridge Student Ministry has one of the most amazing teams ever! Beth, Kelly, Sydney, Tim, Kent, Zach… I Look forward to jumping in head first and doing ministry with this team!

So, If you are, have or know a 6th-12th grader get them to The Link on Sunday Nights at Rock Bridge Ringgold (120 Remco Shops Lane) for The Link. 5:30-8:00! 

Here are some pictures from The Link tonight! 14089325_10208613961659689_4158350892096608158_n14095754_700983830049632_4958877736840226441_n




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