Fathers Day 2017

19260463_635636698594_1085237202716738302_n.jpgI love fathers day! It’s more exciting to me than my birthday. Fathers day normally is just another day. Not a big deal like mothers day is. And that’s cool, but I LOVE THIS DAY!

Did you know years ago when cell phones weren’t a thing Fathers day was the number one day for collect calls. Also, traditionally Fathers day is a very low attended Sunday at churches across the country… Total opposite of mothers day! That’s saying something fellas. 

Fathers Day should be a day of celebrating positive masculinity, a day of celebrating the amazing gift that men bring to families. Celebrating the man who not only made you but has stuck around to raise you!

There are so many statistics that show a absence of positive male role models in a child’s life has an impact on teen dropout rates, drug use, unwanted pregnancy etc…. Another big deal is the decline of masculinity.

We’ve simply forgotten how to be men. We’ve forgotten how much power we have to shape the lives of our own children.

My prayer on this fathers day is this…

  • I pray that my kids will always have a dad they can trust and depend on.
  • That I will be the same man personally, publicly and privately.
  • Someone they actually look up to and want to be like!
  • See me love their mom and in return learn how to love their future spouse.
  • See me live out what I preach and the message become life and not just words.
  • That they will always see that I strive to be a man of character and integrity.

There is no better title or responsibility than being Dad. Make it a priority to lead and love!

And for the record… When ministry/work/hobby/etc… becomes more important or a priority over Family, you have failed. Doesn’t matter how “great the work is” Family First!

To all the dads who are struggling/confused/worried you are doing a bad job but are sticking it out and striving to be a better leader for your family. You got this! Happy Father’s Day!





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