Monday Ministry Honors


It seems these days we only tend to hear about people in ministry who are “Statistics in ministry” Meaning they are no longer serving in ministry due to an affair, addiction, personal issues or just burnt out, etc…

What I do on Mondays is to highlight one of my friends who is/has served the ministry faithfully. And honor the individual/couple who are faithful to the calling. Someone you might never hear about but is doing great things for the kingdom!

Today, I would like to honor a good friend and fellow Campus Pastor here in Catoosa County. Paul S. Laso


Paul is the Campus Pastor at Brainerd North Georgia. That launched in August of last year.

I met Paul years ago when he was a Freshmen coming to college at Tennessee Temple University. I knew then that there was something special about this young man and that God was going to use him in a great way.

Paul, It’s been great watching you go from a freshman in college to a Campus Pastor! I love doing ministry in the same county with ya bro. Proud of you and all that yall are doing to reach people here in Catoosa County! Keep up the great work and I pray the best days are yet to come for you and BBC-NG!

#MondayMinistryHonor #KingdomWork


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